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Dec 31 2014

Broker Warning: Why I Rejected a $5000 offer When I Was Selling A Domain

A few weeks ago, I put for sell a domain I owned but did not have time to properly developed it. I put a $500 price tag on it. The day after it was on SEDO, I was contacted by a broker. Learned what happened next that stopped me from selling it to him.

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Jul 28 2013

Review: Socibuzz.com Bad Service or Scam?

After giving a lot of chances for socibuzz.com to do the right thing, I am now forced to warn potential advertisers of socibuzz.com. It's a service that allow companies to promote a product or service using social media.

When It launched this year, I invested $25 for a campaign to promote  1coupleavie.com  using Facebook and Google+. That's the minimum amount for a campaign. I took the lowest quality to get more shared. But,  I did not get the expected result and stopped there. That's okay and the price of trying new services.

Bad Service or Scam?

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Apr 24 2013

Beware of SEDO Fees!

I sold a domain on SEDO. Normally, I goes without troubles but this time, I got "screwed". Yes, part of it is my own fault and admit that. I had many things going on at the same time so I missed a key point during the transaction.

It was not my first domain sell with them. I sold a few $100-200 domains  and paid a fee of $10-20 (10%).  I don't have a problem with that since I get a secure transfer between me and my buyer.

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