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Jul 28 2013

Review: Socibuzz.com Bad Service or Scam?

After giving a lot of chances for socibuzz.com to do the right thing, I am now forced to warn potential advertisers of socibuzz.com. It's a service that allow companies to promote a product or service using social media.

When It launched this year, I invested $25 for a campaign to promote  1coupleavie.com  using Facebook and Google+. That's the minimum amount for a campaign. I took the lowest quality to get more shared. But,  I did not get the expected result and stopped there. That's okay and the price of trying new services.

Bad Service or Scam?

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Apr 24 2013

Beware of SEDO Fees!

I sold a domain on SEDO. Normally, I goes without troubles but this time, I got "screwed". Yes, part of it is my own fault and admit that. I had many things going on at the same time so I missed a key point during the transaction.

It was not my first domain sell with them. I sold a few $100-200 domains  and paid a fee of $10-20 (10%).  I don't have a problem with that since I get a secure transfer between me and my buyer.

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Apr 23 2013

SendReach Review: The Next Generation List Manager?


I know, it's been a long time since my last post. That's life for you. :D

In Internet Marketing, you often hear "money is in the list".  That's true. But what makes SendReach (made with us IMers  in mind) different from other auto-responders? Social media integration that collect basic demographic information about your subscribers like age, sex and location.

For that to happen, they must join your list using their Facebook or Google Plus account. Once they do and if that information is in their account, then you can use that information to maximize your income from your list by targeting more specific leads for your offers.

Just that demographic information is worth it's weight in gold. Think about it.

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