A few months back, Griz made a list of bloggers that he consider friends and have great content. I was in the list. Griz has a  Make Money Online blog. The goal was to help each other by letting others discover new blogs. I was surprise that he categorize my blog as Internet Marketing Online. Then again, having my own software(AuctionSiteWriter, MyStarterBlog) does make me do marketing. You can do like Griz and make a page too. Also, you can learn how to make money online from Court too.

I left my name in the list(cut and paste) and you should give credit to Griz like I did above.

Here is the list:

The Honest Way - Terry Didcott… Make Money Online
Terry Didcott.com -  Terry Didcott… Freelance Writer
Money Hints - Terry Didcott… Make Money Fast
Blogging Zombie - Justin… Make Money Blogging
EZMoneyOn.net - Simonne… Make Money Online
Day Job Nuker - Bruce… Work at Home Jobs
Blog Explosion - Elliot… Niche Marketing
ejcross.com - Elliot… Niche Marketing
BloggerNoob.com - Noob… Make Money Blogging
McGrath.ca - Steve… Internet Marketing Online
OpTempo - Frank… Make Money Online
Lost Ball In High Weeds - Splork…  Make Money Blogging
Blogigs - Costa… Make Money Blogging
EightBiz - Costa…  Online Business Opportunities
Lamach Web Site Design - Lamach… Web Site Design
DJNuttall-Enterprises - Denise… How to Make Money Online at Home
Strange Duck - Irene… Arts, Entertainment & Technology
Bitter Tonic - Irene… Humor
Work at Home Jobs - Trent… Free Home Business Tips
Work at Home Jobs - Trent… Make Money Online
Work at Home based Business - Trent… Work at Home Based Business
Noovy - Steve… Make Money Online Reviews
Business Dreams - Steve… Home Based Business
Make Money Online: A Journey of 100 Sites - Lissie… Make Money Online
Radioactive Liberty - Fiar… Political Humor
Word Play - Carla… Writing, Editorial Consulting
Untwisted Vortex - RT… Philippine Airlines
Making Sales Making Money - Don…  Home Based Business Opportunities
Thoughts on Making Money on The Net - Zania… Making Money Online
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