I finally decided to add a Blog Directory. Because the site support multiple categories for one entry, I'm able to create a one level model thus creating more value(ranking) to those who browse the Blog Directory. Your blog won't be hidden deep into the directory that way. I have 150+ categories for now. I think it should be more than enough for now. How much? So, because I'm starting, I went these choices:
  • $2,50USD/year with a reciprocal link on the main page
  • $3,50USD/year without a reciprocal link
This is the price for now and I added a few since then. I may rise it in the near future. But why charging? By charging a small amount, this will keep out blogs that are not updated anymore or often. A person will pay if he or she is serious about the blog. Less blogs will also mean more visibility. Also, if a visitor don't find a file, they may start to look at blogs to visit and bring in traffic. The blog won't appear right away. I will check the blog myself because I will approve it first. I will check if the reciprocal link is there and if I have been paid(PayPal). Features: Reviews, rating ... Because a user can do a review and rate a file, the same can be done to a blog. That's something other directories don't necessary have. Also, you can add a screenshot of your blog and see number of views it had. How to add a blog and what fields to enter Once login, click Add Listing You will see box like this: Blog category selection Categories will show Audio. Now, pick the category Blog Directories from the list of choices. You can't add Blog Directories. This is reserved for me and will be used if you want to be featured. Blog category selection Click on Select and you will see all the blog categories. Blog category selection Once the category(Money) is selected, you can click on Add this category Blog category selection Repeat the process for each categories Blog category selection Once finished , click on Continue to Next Step All fields are centered around a file. But, if you look at my own blog, you will see that I use just a few of them. This is the list of fields that I used:
  • Name : McGrath Dot Ca
  • URL : http://www.mcgrath.ca/
  • Buy Now URL : http://www.mcgrath.ca/paid_reviews_rates
  • Short Description : (80 char max.) ( I entered a simple line)
  • Long Description : (2000 char max.) (I entered my About page)
  • License : (I entered Blog and you must do so)
  • Price : 80.00 (if you do any paid reviews)
  • Homepage : http://www.mcgrath.ca/
  • Screenshot : (file on my site, optional)
Blog Fields to enter Note that URL is meant to download a file only. You must still enter you homepage. When you have entered all fields, you can click on Add Product(bottom of form) and you will be done. Once all finished If you noticed in the detail page of my blog, Other products by this publisher, it will show my other blogs(if any) and software(MIS Info Video). So, if you have created a theme/plugin, it will be displayed. It's simple. The future... This is only the first step and have other ideals. Now, it's open!!!!
Keywords: 1 Cool File, Blogging, Internet, Money, Ranking, Traffic