I know, it's been a long time since my last post. That's life for you. :D

In Internet Marketing, you often hear "money is in the list".  That's true. But what makes SendReach (made with us IMers  in mind) different from other auto-responders? Social media integration that collect basic demographic information about your subscribers like age, sex and location.

For that to happen, they must join your list using their Facebook or Google Plus account. Once they do and if that information is in their account, then you can use that information to maximize your income from your list by targeting more specific leads for your offers.

Just that demographic information is worth it's weight in gold. Think about it.

Let say that you have build a list in the dating niche made of 60% of women that are over 28.  You can then send them to my serious only social/dating site like 1coupleavie.(1 Couple For life in English and I accept English and all countries too) If you use a landing page, you can create specific landing pages for women and men that speak to them on a more gender level. Do you see the possibilities now?

By being able to target leads more precisely, they will stay longer on your list because you send them thing they may want. You will less likely annoy some of your subscribers this way. ;)

Of course, those that subscribe using a regular email will just receive your generic offers like before. You can double optin or not.

You then build an auto-responder sequence that target those who use FB or G+.

In the past, I used Aweber and because of high monthly cost, I turned to phpList by using one of my domain. Of course, Aweber is more known and your email get thru more often. But when you self-host like I did using phpList, the email does not go thru in a much higher % than Aweber. In fact, 40% did not get my validation email. But, it was free.

Using SR, I pay less per month for a lot more subscribers  that when I was using Aweber and my email get thru(so far) to my subscribers more than phpList did. Plus, I get social integration that Aweber does not do.

Some may say that Aweber has more third parties options. That's true .... for now. But, I'm starting to see SR being included with newer services/plugins and such. Btw, the older name during the beta was ListAnimal in case you see it on the third party features. They changed it for the SendReach before it's official launch a month or so ago.

I was part of the beta tester thus it was normal to get bugs. But to be able to target my emails using demographic data, it was worth it in the long run! Plus, in time, they will add more features.

Take a look now at SendReach and start a list today!
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