Last updated: 2020-01-04 (I will update more in time)

This is my list of services and products that I use. Plus, it help me make money online. Each one add to the whole and pay for the blog, contest, AuctionSite Writer ... and my 2 freeware!


Do you need hosting or a domain name for your blog or site?

Host Gator (this blog is hosted on it)

Domains starting at $3.99/month with at least 1 domain name included

Download MIS Info Video from Simtel and I get $2 for each 1000 downloads.
You do have to make a search for MIS Info Video(cut and paste). If you have a software application, then do the same.

Free Downloads at Simtel

Collecting money

Use PayPal and I suggest the Premier Account for later uses like donations on your blog/sites … ;)

Advertising/Publisher Service

Kontera (Advertiser or Publisher)

Free Advertising(Advertiser or Publisher)
No money but a few visitors for now (Advertiser or Publisher)

Announce for free or buy a card($0.01/day) and get 50% of the sale. You can change the number of rows and columns to fit your need. I do get visitors from them.

Make money by selling Private Labels

Private Label Chest

Make money by writing reviews


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