When I started this blog, it was to be able to write articles/reviews/tips about technology, blogging, entertainment....thus many subjects. Using my name, it gives me more possibilities if I want.  Since I have many services and products, I have to do Internet marketing online thus my blog in primary about this related subjects.

About me:

I'm a professional programmer/consultant but also a web entrepreneur.

I give news about my current 2 freeware MIS Info Video, Info2MIS and my sharewares AuctionSiteWriter and the more recent MyStarterBlog.

I also written a report: See free movies legally(and make money too) about making money online using movies part of the process but can be used with others subjects too. Yes, I'm a movie fan but a practical fan first.

I own many other sites like 1 Cool File and TrustURL thus giving me more insight in many fields.

Short link history:

I taken over the i2mfan.com site and wanted to start a "blog". The blog was started on a subdomain(Steve's blog) on i2mfan and later finally moved here. So, if you clicked on a link with i2mfan.com in the URL and landed here, it's normal because links from the old site are redirected here.

My tip: If you are going to blog, consider getting your own domain name and host.  Free blogging alternative exists but you will be limited. For $25/year, you have control over your "domain". ;)

English is not my first language and you find errors/typos.... French(Québec City, Canada) is my first language.

You can reach me using the contact form.