After giving a lot of chances for to do the right thing, I am now forced to warn potential advertisers of It's a service that allow companies to promote a product or service using social media.

When It launched this year, I invested $25 for a campaign to promote  using Facebook and Google+. That's the minimum amount for a campaign. I took the lowest quality to get more shared. But,  I did not get the expected result and stopped there. That's okay and the price of trying new services.

Bad Service or Scam?

On June 9, I decided again but this time by getting higher quality media shares for That's where it gone downhill for me.

I still had money in my account but not enough for $25 to do a new campaign. So, I was forced to deposit another $25 and could not deposit the difference. I wanted to pay more for more quality shares.

I created a new campaign but I made a mistake. I cancelled it the same day and created a new one expecting my $37 would be put back into my account. It was not. Socibuzz is still in beta.

You can see below the 2 campaigns and not traffic was done on the canceled one. The other is in draft.


Client Support?

For for the next few weeks after, I tried to contact socibuzz by email and the contact from but got no responses. I wanted to warned them about the bug.

That's when I opened a dispute with Paypal. That forced the owner to at least response.  I explained that I had troubles  and wanted to resolved this. The owner simply responded that I did not have enough funds into my account. Paypal could not do anything because the:

Unfortunately, we are denying your claim because your purchase was for a
virtual, digital, or intangible item. Indeed, our PayPal Purchase
Protection only covers claims involving physical items that can be shipped
and tracked. Payments for intangible, digital items or services are
therefore not covered.

We encourage you to work directly with your seller to resolve the problem.
You'll find their contact information on the Transaction Details page.

So in a last attempt, I emailed again socibuzz on July 9th. As of today, nothing was done about it or even any response.

Is socibuzz a scam now by using this Paypal loophole or just bad service?  It's up to you to judge but you have been warned!
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