A few weeks ago, I put for sell a domain I owned but did not have time to properly developed it. I put a $500 price tag on it. The day after it was on SEDO, I was contacted by a broker. Learned what happened next that stopped me from selling it to him.

It started with this email:


I have a request from my buyer for purchasing domain name here.

My client has six-figure budget for 70-85 domains. He invests in domains with good potential almost every month.

Please email me your desired price.

How can we transfer money to you (escrow, wire transfer or check)?

I provide brokerage services for VIP domain buyers. If you have more domains for sale please email me the list with prices.


I removed the name since it must not be real.

I replied:


Your buyer can use SEDO to buy it. It's a link at the bottom of the page.



He then replied:

My client offers $5000.

Before my client sends you the money he needs two documents from you:

1. Screenshot of your domain account. It will prove you are a legitimate owner.

2. Domain seller's certificate from Domain Tools Certifications.

This certificate includes two essential things: appraisal of the market price and a trademark infringement verification. It proves your domain has no trademark problems. If the appraised value in your certificate comes higher we will increase our offer accordingly.

The Domain Tools Certification agency is the only issuer which includes valuations and TM verifications in the certification. They also provide a high level of protection against fake certificates. They send an URL of the certificate so we can check it's legitimacy online on the web site of the agency. Thus it's impossible to create a fake certificate.

Please send the screenshot and the certificate to my email.

If you are new to the certification process I can help you with step by step instructions.

I replied:


You can pay to have the certificate done for you or send me the money(79Euro on the site) and I will deduct that amount from the appraised value.



He then replied:

We cannot order it. This service can be ordered by an owner only. They will verify you.

They provide deeper analysis. It's not only the WHO IS check. They also appraise your domain and verify all possible trademark risks. My client needs an opinion of independent experts.

My client won't proceed without this verification.

I replied:


I understand but since it's your client that want an appraisal, I will let her/him pay for it by sending me the money so I can order it.


I never heard from it him since that day.

At that time, I had a "man's cold" so I was not 100% there. ;) But offering me 10x the price that I asked was too good to be true. Plus, it was just before Christmas. :D

After I checked the "who is" domains used from the Domain Tools Certification agency(.com) and the broker(.info),I found both were created on the day before but with different names.

I did some searched and found out it was an old scam. The agency does not send anything thus just take off with your money. Think about it, if the "fake broker" just get 1-2 sales, it's enough to pay for the expenses(domains, hosting) then start all over again with different names.

To make it more legit, they are selling Premium domains.

So be careful!

PS. If he contact me again, I will let you know.
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