With my recent announcements about 1 Cool File, I had inquiries asking if I will be doing a paid review service. The answer is yes and no. Let me explain. A small yes The Blog Directory will be a marketplace of bloggers where advertisers will find a category(150+) that will match a product or service. Unlike other services, the bloggers are visible to all advertisers. Once found, the advertiser can enter in direct contact with the blogger for a review. The Buy Now and the Price per review should be entered in the blog information thus showing that the blogger does reviews. An advertiser could also decide to buy advertisement on the blog instead of a review. My only small fee is the Blog Package that was bought when the blog was included in the Blog Directory. I will offer paid review for software when the 1 Cool File Editor's awards will be used. For that, I will pick bloggers that can do software reviews. I will offer, for 10% to cover my time plus PayPal fees, an escrow service to advertisers. The advertiser pay me and I pay the blogger once the review is done with no judgment on the review. This is only for amount larger than $100+ . $100 * 2.9% + 0.30 = $3.20 in PayPal fees $100 - 10% = $90 to the blogger $10 - $3.20 = $6.20 for 1 Cool File(me) Once done, I will give the blogger an Editor's Rating of 1/5 then 2, 3 .....If the review is not done, I will remove a 1 plus add a negative comment on the blog detail page. I see the escrow service as a way to gain trust of future advertisers. In time, the blogger's reputation will mean that no escrow will be needed. Of course, it's optional. The advertiser may also leave a comment on the blog on the quality of the review. A smaller no If a blogger charge $200 for a review, I don't get anything thus not responsible. I don't offer any kind of protection by default if one don't pay or don't do the review. If they don't use my escrow service, they can still use a third party service if they want. I don't make a judgment on the quality of a review(negative, neutral, positive or even style). Conclusion For now, I don't plan on offering a full paid review service because other services can better fit that role. I can now understand why some charge more to offer full protection to advertisers and bloggers. But if I were to offer a full protection services, I would involved bloggers somehow. So instead, I'm counting on advertisers and mostly the bloggers to make it a trusting environment of quality reviews and be beneficial to both and me too ;) . Would you like to keep more money for you when doing reviews?
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