$10 Off On PowerDesk Pro 7, AuctionSiteWriter 1.1.0B2 update, See Free Movies Legally update

$10 Off On PowerDesk Pro 7

Just to mentioned that they have $10 off on PowerDesk Pro 7. When I work with my sites, I use the handy FTP part of the software. I have been using it since v4 when I was trying to find a Xtree clone for Windows XP. I ended up buying it.

What I do is that I open 1 instance to PowerDesk Pro in dual mode(default for me). The top is my local files and the bottom is the FTP. It could be another drive or directory too. For me, it's my file manager and ftp manager in the same software. Version 7 was released a few months ago(Vista ready).

If you can save at the same time, I have nothing against that.

Click to get $10 off on PowerDesk Pro 7 or see the benefits and screenshots.

AuctionSiteWriter 1.1.0B2 update

Last night, I released a new beta version for AuctionSiteWriter. Using the free eBay widget, you are now able to build a simple auction site. ASW with the free eBay widget is a cheaper alternative to BANS or phpBAY api. It's not perfect but it's partly free.

See Free Movies Legally update

For the last few months, I generated $50-100 per month using the methods in my free ebook. Since I was occupied with other projects, I only published 5-6 posts per month. It's summer thus my "movie season". I'm publishing a little more now with 8-9 posts for the last 30 days. I'm also testing a new way to make money too using phpBAY plugin on that blog. The filtering out words come in handy with sequels and you don't have that in the free eBay widget. My cost is still low and do make a profit each month.

Download the free ebook here:

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