$26,093 Per Month On Autopilot? It's a Scam!!!!

Warning: I don't recommend this or anything from this Internet Marketer since I never got my Premium Blog. Save your money!

"$1,472 In Just 7 Days"

"$9,383 My First Month"

"$26,093 Per Month On Autopilot"

Who would like this kind of return for a $24.95 investment?   Me!  Me!  Me! Everyday, I get this kind of offers and depending on how I'm feeling, if I got the time and the source of the email, I often dismissed them out of hand or look at it very quickly. But not this one and here is why.

You see I was just about to even unsubscribed from this Internet Marketer list  because I taught he was overdoing it too much in my opinion in the last few weeks.

To be fare, I bought a good product from him in the past but taught he was promoting too much things at the same time. The error was mine, I admit, because those products were mostly from him. He is a busy guy. :D

Good timing

The timing was also good because I was hit hard in the last few months by Google(like many IMers) and was looking to diversify more my sources of revenue. So that offer came at the right time for me.


All The Set-Up, Writing, Selling, Hosting Taken Care Of By A Million Dollar Blogging Team

Like you can read above,  they will create a blog for you with writing, set-up, hosting, selling, ...managed it for you.

Of course, I can imagine that I will have to do some work like promoting it on my side which is fine. I don't mind that.

Show me the money!

They also used examples(intro above) of making a boat load of money which could be true ... eventually.  But my expectations is more around $100/month for that Premium blog for the first few months.  Sure, if I do get $1000+ on my first week, I will not complain one minute. :)

On the sales page, they don't mentioned that it's a monthly investment of $24.95  and I only saw it after the purchase was done and printed my invoices. It's my partly fault but would had like to know it more upfront. But, you can deduce it because of the things they will do for you on your blog each month.

But, if I do make $100/month but it cost me $24.95/month I will make $75/month in profits from that site. Not bad if you ask me and a pretty good investment when/if it will be $200, $500, $1000+ ... per month

But here is the deal ... so far

I did not have my blog yet and it's been more than a week that I ordered it and they mentioned a 24 hour delay. Did I get scammed?

No because: I'm patient and you need patience to do Internet Marketing anyway.

I also sent an email 72 hours later but did not get a response. I finally opened a support ticket(bottom of the sales  page). They replied the same day that had servers issues thus the delay with my blog. I bet they are overwhelmed by the demand of such a deal. :p

I did not want a refund since I still think this could be a good source of revenues but time will tell if I'm wrong or not. Btw, that's what we call taking action!

I can also canceled later on if I don't even meet a minimum of return on my investment of $24.95/month.


Yes, I wanted to give you a real review first. But, I had dilemma that by the time you read my review, this offer might not be available anymore or the door would closed for them to be able to catch up on the current orders and would reopens months later if they do.

Yes, I'm taking also a chance and by presenting you this opportunity now, I'm giving you the chance to take a leap of faith with me.

Yes, some will not take it and its' their choice but...

That's what Internet Marketing is about: You take action in the hope of making money from a site, if not you just learned something new for the next one. That's business!

Heck, just go watch the video and make up your own mind. I did my choice and will make a review in the future if it did worked or not.

Those of you that will take action now will either sunk $50-75(stay 2-3 months minimum) like me or be richer beyond their expectations if very lucky on the first month. But, just don't expect miracles on the first month but cross you fingers that it works ; ).

Who will join me in taking this leap of faith?

(my aff. link that bypass the main page and goes directly to the offer)

Leave a comment below if you want to share results.
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On the sales page, they don't mentioned that it's a monthly investment of $24.95 and I only saw it after the purchase was done and printed my invoices. ;)))

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