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I left this on Digital Point forum but here is the offer for you. No just Americans can have a Black Friday. My offer from a Canadian friend and 1 Cool File If you have a real blog with or without paid reviews, do direct advertising ..., you can save 66% today only using this special coupon: DP-BLACKFRIDAY The directory has 150+ categories and each blog can have more than one. See my own blog for example. I'm planning do to a lot more with this blog marketplace and I need a lot of real and quality blogs. No blog but have a forum with many bloggers for example? Be part of our very limited affiliate program(20% commission) or upgrade to the Platinum Membership to get better commissions! Having a real blog make inclusion into the affiliate program automatic. Service with 2 Tier commissions: List you blog for 1 year(20%,5%): $2.50USD/year but $0.85USD with coupon(first year) List you blog for life(25%,10%): $4.00USD but $1.36USD with coupon Platinum Membership(35%,15%): $10.00/year but $3.40USD with coupon(first year) Commissions are renewed year after year on the 1 year and Platinum Membership! Now, that's a good passive income in addition to be on a cool site Happy blogging and see you on 1 Cool File One more thing, I will draw tomorrow a lucky winner of $25USD(PayPal) from those who used that coupon. Good Luck too all! For more details. Affiliate Program FAQ for the kind of blogs
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