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One of the ways I got my quality banners for my sites was to make a contest on Digital Point.  Since the contest is open to everyone in the world, you will find many professionals. Of course, the prize will have an effect on who will participate or not.

For around $20, you get a one logo or banner. If you want other type of banners(125x125, 300x250, 468x60) you must offer more money.

In your face

I once offered much more money to get extra sized banners but some American got in my face claiming that I should be ashamed to offer "such a low amount" and other stupid comments. I did not realized it and I increased my prize a little more. This also got me more participants. Of course, the American was still not happy.

But I also told the American that his tone was not welcome and that he was not forced to participate. Also, the amount money could mean a days work for another professional somewhere in the world. For example, an average salary for the same job might be $45k here while $70K in New-York. The amount was not peanuts either for my neck of the woods.

How many times have you participated in a blog contest where it took more time than the prize was worth? It's contest and for fun after all.

I'm only mentioning this because you might encounter this type behavior. Of course, don't offer $5 either for a full pack of banners. ;)

Some tips:

  • Offer what you can afford and try to be fair. I paid $10 more to the winner of my contest since he gave me a good service. I did not drag the final step(other banners) for days.

  • Make it short 2-3 days or your thread will be forgotten and be on the second page

  • Try to give the most information of what you want. Do you need an animal, human, insect, graphic,  just letters ....

  • If it's for company, ask for the graphics to be royalty free or better yet, original

  • You should add a disclaimer that you won't pick a winner if you did not find what you are looking for or could continue the contest for a few days

  • If you need other banners, tell participant what's the main size you want and the other banners will be done after.

  • Participants must post their creations in the thread. Try to write a lot of feedback.

  • Ask if it's possible to get the Photoshop PSDs(less participants). I did not on my first few ones. :( I bought Photoshop last month for making ecovers(See Free Movies Legally, AuctionSiteWriter) so I could make my own variation of banners based on those PSDs that I have.

One other way

By becoming a member of PLC, I was able to get access to a lot of site templates and banners thus graphics.

It's much cheaper than doing a contest for every banners you need if you want to create your own niche empire.

PLC vs Contest

PLC: $97(one time)+($29.97/month) =  $456.64 for the first year, $359.64 for the second year. Of course, you can subscribe for the first 6 months. You would have to repay the $97 if you want to register again.

$456.64(PLC)/$20(contest)  =  23 banners

Since you niche empire might have 30+ sites, then it's more cost effective to becomea member of PLC than doing contest for those niches(BANS, phpBay ..).  That's not counting access to a lot of private label rights products that I will be able to resell. :D

If it's for a flaship blog or site, then doing a contest would be worth it. But the prize should be $50+  to get the other size of banners for doing advertising later on.


Most of time you won't have troubles getting participants on DP. They are fast, might even give you a new ideas and get a cheap banner for your blog/site. Plus, you get extra traffic your blog/site if the prize is much bigger than the others. ;)

You must also consider that adding a banner will make your blog/site more professional looking. That your care for your blog/site.
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