Yes, it's true. Most A-List bloggers make their money off your back. Of course, I'm talking about the MMO(Make Money Online) side of the blogosphere.

Here is an example that you will understand.

A company is looking to make their product or service known. They tried Pay Per Click advertising but failed to get a good return because they did not have the right Pay Per Click method.  They then decide to invest more and thus contact A-List bloggers that have the most readers.  The company may or may not pay for a review depending on the conditions below.

The A-List blogger look at the product/service and look for the affiliate program.

If the product/service does not have an affiliate program, then the blogger makes a deal with the company like getting a commission of each sale. The blogger will offer 10% off if you use a special coupon code or a special buying page to track sales from the blogger.

They can also offer to pay for a review and give a coupon.

Up until now, it's okay since you can't make money from the product or service.

Here is how they make their money on your back

If the product has an affiliate program, then the blogger will push that side to readers. You buy the product/service and expect to be able to resell it to others to make your money back and more.

Since you like the product/service,  you write a review for it. If you are lucky, your readers did not see the A-List Blogger review yet and buy from you.  Depending on your number of readers, it could be a few sales.

But since most bloggers get their main traffic from search engines, the A-List Blogger review will come in the first place thus you will lose a lot of sales. Plus, you will have to compete with every other blogger like you that bought from the same A-List Blogger.

Depending on the product/service, it could be too late for you to make any more money from it(saturated). It's even worst if the company gave the A-List Blogger a saving coupon that you don't get. That's how they make their money off your back.

What can you do?

I mentioned that A-List Bloggers will be most of the time first in search engines. A simple BMD run or using FBF(free) might just do the trick for the blogger to get there. You see, the blogger did more that just write a review. The blogger got backlinks to that review.

The A-List blogger invested in tools to get extra sales for the product/service. You often see big numbers of affiliate sales when they published their monthly earnings. You now know the reason.

That's what you can do too! You could use a long tail keyword to compete or get more backlinks than the A-List Blogger.

Also, Google may have given more authority to the A-List blogger thus getting more backlinks will help you to beat him.


I'm not saying not to buy from bloggers(A to Z). In fact, you should to help them out. Like you, I like it when I get a few sales from my blog. But first, check if you can save money.

What I'm saying is that if you expect to sell the product/service, check if you have still a chance and it's not already saturated. A company might opted to go with many minor bloggers first thus giving you a chance to earn money before the A-List bloggers are approached. This would give you more time to get more backlinks before A-Bloggers could.
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