A new Google Analytics competitor from Microsoft

Code name Gatineau(name of a city in the Province of Quebec, Canada), the new baby from Microsoft will give the sex/age of those surfing on your site. How? By using the information of the Live account on the computer. They won't give more information thus protecting the anonymity of the surfer. Like with Adwords, advertisers will be able to see how an AdCenter campaign is doing. It will be in beta soon. Gatineau Gatineau Gatineau If done right, it could be a good way to determine some basic demographic stats about your visitors so to be able to better tailor your content with that information. But, they need to give you access to this important information first. Will it work with Firefox? ;) Source: David Naylor(Bigger screens available), Clubic.com(French)
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Yes they do!

You know, it used to be that I would avoid all things Microsoft. But, now I find myself cheering more for Microsoft as they take on Google more and more. I think that Google scares me more than Microsoft ever did.


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