Activated Adsense in Snap Shot

I'm using Snap on 1 Cool File to show off a screen of a domain in the detail page of a blog or file. You still can add your own custom screen shot on 1 Cool File of your stats if it's a blog and want to sell reviews/advertisements. Snap now offer the ability to add your Adsense id, your own ads or ads for a charity. I needed to upgrade to a new Snap account(free). Once I confirmed by email, I was able to enter in the Snap Shares tab. For the moment, only Adsense is available for Ad Network. Snap Shares with Adsense Below is an example using my the detail page of my blog on 1 Cool File . Example on 1 Cool File In Blue: It's where you can toggle between the snap shot and the RSS feed In green: it's the area the ads will be displayed. In red: it's the Snap Shot icon showing that Snap shot will work on that URL. Below, I show the RSS feed instead of the snap shot. It took me many tries to get a different ad style other than the above one. Example on 1 Cool File If a snap shot does not exist, it may take a few seconds to be build. If you have a site, you may want to create one to make it faster by going on Snap. Snap will share a portion(?) of the revenue with you. Also, they offer all kind of other options that you might like to get. So, go ahead and add to your site!
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