Today, I decided to try a Video Unit on 1 Cool File now that's available for Canadians. I was expecting that I would only login into my Adsense account and create an ad unit like before. This was not the case. Activating I clicked on Video Units but I was sent to YouTube to create an account. After confirmation by email, I also had to confirmed my Adsense information. But now, I can now upload my own video on YouTube if I want even if it's not related to Adsense. You will need to login into YouTube every time to change or create video units. First video units On my first try, I created a mini 400 x 415 video unit ad to go in the detail page . The 2 other sizes are: Standard 500 x 510 and Full Size 780 x 560. I used the smallest player available to me, pick a green color and named it. I also filtered the content(Automated Content) by adding this keywords: software freeware shareware blog. I can use Choose by Category / Provider. Once done, I now had to generate the new code. The first video unit was software related. The 2 others were about a young woman about her blog and the other about a young boy blogger whining. Seeing the result was too blog related for now, I decided to go back and remove the blog. The ads in the video were related to the details of the page.  Adsense YouTube player  Adsense YouTube player Tweaking the ad So, I login again and edited my 1 Cool File video unit within YouTube. The size of the player was no longer available. I could change the color within YouTube but the result was not reflected into the browsers(IE, Firefox). It did took a few minutes to be visible with the new color. I also removed the blog keyword. I did not have to copy the code because it was the same. Conclusion I was expecting something simpler and within the Adsense way of doing things with normal ads. It was not the case with video units. The upside is that I will be able to offer something different to visitors. Hopefully, I will increase my click rate. Plus, I now have my YouTube Account. :D
Keywords: 1 Cool File, Internet, Money