One feature that I like in 1 Cool file is the multiple category support for a file. That feature let me think that I could use the existing infrastructure to add a Blog Directory category. I'm testing that with McGrath Dot Ca. Of course, when entering my information, I had more fields than I really needed. I could add a * to indicate field that could be used for a blog only. In fact, it's not that many. I also used the screenshot field that point to a file on my blog. 2 other features are the rating and review that could be added to the blog. Making money? I imagine that having both files and blogs will attract more visitors to the site. With files, I can have a commission when it's bought on my site. But with blogs, I don't have that option. So, I decided that I could ask for $5/year or $10(one time) in the beginning or a reciprocal link on the main page of the blog. I also will have to approve or not the blog. This way, I can see if they paid or put the reciprocal link. What do you think? Should I add this option? Is the price reasonable? Should I allow adult blogs? On that subject, I allowed adult games but I'm still not sure if I should. Btw, I'm open either way ;)
Keywords: 1 Cool File, Blogging, Money