Adwords, Copyrights, See Free Movies Legally, Pay Per Click course, Oh My!

I recently started doing some Pay Per Click advertisement with Adwords for See Free Movies Legally. Because the Adwords system is automated, my ads were flagged for possible copyright infringement. Based on the generic message I got by email, I modified my ads. Again, they were flagged.

Does Adwords want my money?

Considering the controversial subject(watch free movies), protection of users and the fear to get the MPAA on their tail, I understood that Google wanted to protect itself and copyright holders. The whole ideal was to be accepted by Adwords so that a future SFML affiliate would be able to do some PPC too.

The solution

I finally emailed Adwords and an AdWords Specialists reviewed and approved my ads. The process took one week.

Yes, it's legal

Doing so, it legitimize the method that I don't violate copyrights in any ways. That's the reason you hardly see P2P advertisement on Google. Google Adwords is very protective thus when an ad is accepted, it means it's safe for the users.

Adwords Pay Per Click course

Since I started again doing some Pay Per Click advertisement,  I bought a good Pay Per Click course. It's not cheap($99USD) but I already learned many tips from it for the way to write my ads and for my landing pages. With the latter, I did not expect that. I also bought the $67 upsell(recurring) but did not read it yet or even finished the main ebook. The main product is 3 ebooks of 69, 61 and 88 pages. Was it worth it? In my opinion, so far yes. The first part of Volume 1 that I had read was not new to me but if someone is starting in PPC, it's a great Pay Per Click course I don't mind recommending.
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I enjoy this place, and I appreciate all that I have gained from it. I've been pretty shy around here, up to the point of being too afraid to post my own thoughts in this forum until now (this book has really altered my perspective). Anyhow, thanks for allowing me to come in here and give a little shout out.


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