AuctionSiteWriter 2.0: Added Syndicate Kahuna option, Updated SK Review

AuctionSiteWriter v2.0 is now available.

The new feature is call Article spinner and only available to registered users. I did not write the documentation or made a full installation for it yet.

Since I'm adding more and more features, the new price will be $37. But for now, I left it at $27. In case you don't know, ASW comes with free upgrades for life.

What does article spinning has to do with auction sites?

I'm adding features to AuctionSiteWriter that are not auction specific but still can use for my BANS, phpBay sites.  With an auction site, you can get spinned articles by adding backlinks in the article to be publish using SK. If you promote 3 auction products per site, you can have 3 deep links to those pages in your article.

Using SK will help you more for that specific task(added SK button) or for a niche site(Spin). You could use the article to create more unique content for all your niche blogs/sites.

How the Article spinner feature work?

1-In the Original article page, you write an article or you can paste a PLR article.

2- When it's finished, you click on Import. ASW will then split every line finishing by . !  ? or carriage return (Enter). Keep the HTML to the basics thus avoid those characters.

3. You then select the Write line variations page. You will see a grid with every line of your article. Below the grid, you can write up to 3 more variations of the original line(Line 1). By writing something real, it make the article reader friendly and the more line you do, the less duplicate content you get when you spin it.

4-  Once you have finished, you select the Spin article page. You have the option to spin the article or click on SK to get the article compatible for Syndicate Kahuana.

Updated review of Syndicate Kahuna

At first, I was a skeptic of SK since I expected duplicate content and wrote my opinion about it. But after paying to be able to publish my articles to the network, I understood how it worked in reducing duplicate content. But I still believe that you should not use it on a flagship blog.

The network is made of blogs owned by other bloggers like me. It's free to register a blog and the blog must be categorized to be able to get related articles.

If I don't spin my article, it will only be published to 4 blogs(limited duplicate content). This was the mistake I made with my first article. By using the spin mode, I get more variations and thus get publish on more related blogs in the network.

To keep the quality of the articles high, they must be validated first. It took less than 12 hours.

My article will then be added to 2 new blogs per day until all of them are done.  The new feature in ASW will help with that particular task(SK button). Frankly, that is why I added this feature in the first place. I also needed it for my niche blogs too thus the Spin button.

Unlike most article directories, a blog will only get related content.  Like I mentioned before in another post, my financial related blog only gets financial articles plus my own articles when I have the time. My blog is less dead that way and I get new content for those readers and search engines.

The bigger the article, the more backlinks I can add in it.  In any case, those are contextual anchored backlinks that will increase your ranking. I'm limited to a maximum of 3 backlinks per article. However, the ads on my financial blog must compete with those 3 backlinks.

The price is $67/month to be able to publish your articles(no limit per month). You could test it for 1-3 months or you can get 45% off by paying one year in advance.

SK should be part of your toolbox to get content(free) and backlinks(paid). The same goes for BMD, FBF....

Btw, you links will be counted when your links gets counted by Google and other search engines. ;)
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