AuctionSiteWriter, Quebecois And Poutine


I did not write much recently because I'm into updating AuctionSiteWriter. The new module(beta) is not "Auction" oriented so I expect  it appeal to all webmasters. I will use it for my normal site and auction sites too. I will give you a hint: the module will partly replace a $97 software that I'm currently using and still will use later on.

Some webmaster don't have the money to buy that $97 software at this time.  AuctionSiteWriter (27USD) new module will be a good alternative for most webmaster.  The $97 software does not perform somethings that I need but offer more things for those that want those features. Once AuctionSiteWriter is out, I will explained the difference between the two. Btw, the new module will be an exclusive for registered users.

Quebecois And Poutine

While checking the Google Trends module in AuctionSiteWriter, I noticed: Quebecois(#40) And Poutine(#66). Being from Quebec and adore eating the spicy poutine from Ashton, I wondered why those two words were in there.

Canadians are in election and Quebecois was for the Bloc Quebecois and the Conservative party news. The first related words for Quebecois in the trend was poutine. I guest it triggered more search for poutine.

If you don't know, a poutine is made of fries, gravy and curd cheese. If you are doing a diet, I don't recommend eating one. It's about 1 pound of butter in fat.  But, if you don't know the word "diet" or having a selective memory lost, I recommand to try one if you have a chance. It's goooood but don't tell you diet coach or he/she will make you do more excercise and cut your calories in half.  ;)

Note: It is my 300th post.
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