AuctionSiteWriter v1.10, BANS On .Info Patch(Coupon)


AuctionSiteWriter v1.1.0 is now available. I also added a new offer(PLR pack) to get some publicity/feedback from fellow bloggers.

BANS on .info patch

A few days ago, I converted a .info(few month old) from BANS to phpBay API using AuctionSiteWriter new feature to make a simple site. Two days later, I got a visitor(not from Google) that bought the item and also became a new signup. So, I made $25 more. The few visitors I got since from Yahoo do convert very well. And no, I won't tell you that niche. :D So yesterday, I started reusing a paid way to bring traffic from search engines other than Google and Yahoo. Last year, I used this service (use googlesale2008 for 20% off until July 31) to bring bring traffic to my free media player. Each month, I had extra downloads but since it was free and visitor did not click on my Adsense, I stopped using it. How it work? My ad will be shown on 250 search engines(smaller ones) at the right like Google is doing with Adwords. It's not a pay per click but a fix monthly price.
It places an advert on the right hand side of the 250 search engines. This does not include Google, Yahoo or MSN. The advert will be displayed one in every three searches on your exact keyword phrase.
This time around, I'm doing a long term test for 1 year. Normally, I would not pay for traffic for that kind of site but the conversion rate is very good. So, I paid $60/year less the 20% with the coupon. The normal rate for one month is $10. I wanted to wait but since the coupon is for 20%, I decided to give it to you now. If you do use it, use one of your site that's deindex in Google but performed well before that happened. They also have a other services that you might like. But for now, I'm using the ad way. If you use one of the other services, please leave a comment or backlink to your review about it. Of course, they are other ways(free/paid) and it's one more you should consider.
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[...] It's also the same domain I used to get traffic from this service(use googlesale2008 for 20% off until July 31) that I mentioned here. [...]


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