Just a quick post to mentioned that AuctionSiteWriter v2.1.0 is now available.

It offer new features for MyStarterBlog:

  • Add: In Write auction site, support MyStarterBlog: This will generate a MSB blog and then you can load it into MSB to add more content and use it's themes.  You will need the MSB eBay Plugin from NicheMate

  • Add: In Plugin Code Builder, added the support for  MyStarterBlog(default)

  • Add: In Site Statistics, you can analyse the WhoIS Expires date only, open the selected sites in batch in your default browser

  • Add: In Write auction site, you have access to a simple HTML editor for the template, Build was change to Generate to be like MyStarterBlog

  • Change:  In Write auction site, support up to 200 words

  • Change: Many visual aspect has been made

The main goal was to quicly add support for MyStarterBlog. So, instead of creating a phpBay API site, I will create a MSB blog. I will go to each auction sites I created with phpBay or BANS and convert them to MSB. I will be using the auction theme that buyers get with MSB. They still need to buy the MSB eBayPlugin.

Here is the thing: Big G deindexed most BANS, phpBay sites last year in a vast swoop of the hand. Most of my older sites were affected and some from late last year.

Even with that, January was my record earning month with just Yahoo, MSN traffic. Yes, I added a few auction sites since that but the last 3 months was mostly spent on programming MSB.

Using ASW with the template, I will generate a basic auction site. Then, by using MSB, I will had content specific to each products with an About, Contact and Privacy pages. This will give "credit" to my sites in the eyes of Big G.  I believed that Big G did not like my "thin" auction sites I was creating or it just don't like phpBay API/BANS at all.

Are my deindexed site be reindex by Big G? Maybe but once they are converted to MSB, I will ask for reinclusion anyway. It may take time but I have nothing to loose since most make money from other traffic. Plus, the new look will appeal to visitors and look more professional thus they will tend to bid more.

While most run away from creating new auction sites, a few people I know continued and are making more money from them.

It's up to me to do the same. What about you?

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