We just had a Canadian election at the cost of $250-300millions. The end result was a minority Conservative government.. again.

Now, the opposition parties want to form a coalition by even including the Bloc Quebecois(but no ministers for them). Btw, the Bloc Quebecois is a separatist party that was democratically elected. You may agree or not with the Bloc's goal but that's democracy. The same can be said for the coalition.

It's also a bad timing for a Canadian political/economic crisis.

Bloc Quebecois Agenda

Of course, some are thinking that since Canada can't work now, it's a reason to separate. The Bloc Quebecois is not stupid to cost Quebec's workers jobs while we are in an economic crisis. They will work with the Coalition on the economic issues only.  On the other issues, they would vote like they want. At least, the government won't topple since no vote on confidence would be asked on those projects of law.

What are separatist?

For the international readers, the separatist goal is to separate the Province of Quebec from Canada by using political parties only.  They no longer have a violent side like in the 70s with the FLQ. Btw, they were mentioned in the first Die Hard when Hans Gruber wanted the release of terrorist members. :D

I'm no fan of the Bloc Quebecois or Partie Quebecois even if I'm from Quebec City. Btw, I tried to be open minded but I don't believe in the separatist option. They can't sell the idea to me.

Like someone told me: "Would you jump in a black hole without knowing what's at the bottom".

Even a separatist who wanted to be leader of the Partie Quebecois wanted 2 referendums: First on separating from Canada and the second to vote on the negotiations of the terms with Canada. He said that one referendum was like buying a car that you never saw. Does it have a motor? I liked his comparison.

I want to see what I sign first. It's not a software EULA.  ;)

I do believe that people should vote for their conviction even if I don't agree with them.

Political Crisis and Quebec Bashing

But I started to hear on TV that Quebec Bashing was starting to happen more and more. This is just plain stupid. The Bloc Quebecois only represented 38.11% of the votes in the last election so a minority of Quebec voters.

People that are bashing Quebec should bash the coalition parties. It's the Liberal and NDP that wanted the support(economic) of the Bloc Quebecois.

They should also bash the Conservative for mentioning nothing for the economic crisis while other countries were budgeting to spend billions in infrastructure for example. I don't like spending like crazy but at least they should had been ready to do something.

Economic Crisis

Hopefully, this "spending" should help those countries get back on their feet by creating much needed jobs. I know, sewers and roads are not sexy but our local roads are not fun to drive on. I don't need to go on a roller coaster to have the same feeling. Okay, it's an exaggeration but you get my point. Some are past due and some sewer system are losing up to 40% of water. That's a waste.


The real downside of this bad timing for a Canadian political crisis is that nothing is really getting done at the federal level about the upcoming economic crisis. I wish they you fix that mess now instead of playing political games until early next year. Unfortunately, the recession is coming to Canada too.

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