This is for those that did not invest in BANS yet and waiting for some results before making the jump. Since my last post, my pre-owned domain made money almost every day: $0.36, $0(the almost), $0.67, $4.83, $4.36, $2.81, $0.77. For a total of $13.80 or $1.97/day. That's not counting the other day in May where it made me $52.35. On this domain, I did a Bookmarking Demon run and have a custom header. It was created using the default template but I did not target keywords when I created it. One of my other pre-owned only had the standard template and getting traffic from current links. I did not do a Bookmarking Demon run on it yet. I had clicks but no conversion or bid yet. Yesterday, I added a few targeted keywords page and a custom header. Again, I did not do a BMD run on it. I will see if it perform better using the current traffic. My new .info's are starting to pay off too but not that much compared to the pre-owned. At least, it's a start. So, what are you waiting for to get into BANS to make money? :D
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