Tomorrow, I will be watching the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president of the US.  Many, like me,  have great hope that he will put the US economy back on track. Of course, the sooner the better but time will tell how long it will take.

Barack Obama: What if he was white?

People often mentioned that he is the first African-American US President. I disagree 50% on that point.

But why?

Something that we almost never hear his is white heritage. His father was black(Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr.) but his mother was white(Ann DUNHAM).   I would say that he is the first mixed marriage or "black" US President in recent years. Being politically correct is not exact in this case.

I don't know my president US history so maybe another one was born of a mixed marriage but I don't think so.

Looking at his biography, he still faced bigotry when he was young because of his skin color. That did shaped how he is now. Remember that our life experience is what make us what we are.

I'm sure his life would had been different if he had been born white.

Is this a racist post?

Those that think it's racist are the racist ones. Are they forgetting his white heritage and only seeing the color of his skin? Being white is part of him too since his grandmother(mother's side) did raised him with her values.

Barack Obama grandmother did a good job at it but died too soon to see it. That's sad. :(

I know of prejudice personally. Having an Irish name in Quebec City(mostly French speaking) in 1980, I was often teased/pick on about that. That's the year of the Quebec referendum to separate from Canada.

Yet, I was raised in French school's all my life thus spoke with the same Quebecois accent as my friends.   Most people would think it's an English sounding name.

Time has change a lot since then but my name still confuse most here: Macgraff, MecGrait, MacGraw...

Of course,  St-Patrick's Day is now being celebrated by many Quebecois(French speaking too). :D


To be "politically correct", the first African-American US President must have parents that ARE both African-American.

One thing I can say is that Barack Obama opened the door to all non 100% whites to the White House. Hmmmm! That's ironic and good.

But my question is still valid: What if he was white? We will never know if he would had gone in politics in the first place. That would be a fun Quantum Leap or Sliders to watch. What do you think?

In the end, he is the next US president with new values, hope and way of doing things.

One more thing: On his mother's side, they have some Irish. That's his best feature in my opinion. ;)

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