Be #1 On Google And Yahoo For Free

A few minutes ago, I got a email from my contact page. Steve(another one) wanted me to join a new "search engine placement opportunity". Here what caught my attention:
These people are Beta testing a new way to get #1 spot on Google and 39 other top search engines. Their service is completely free for the Beta test period.
The name of this opportunity was not shown for one good reason: He wanted me to click on his affiliate link. Okay, so I decided to give it a try because it's free until the end of April. Besides, I just launched last week and got already a few links for it. Plus, I wanted to be #1 anyway with trusted members. :D I click on the link and start reading the sell pages. Bla! Bla! make money Bla! Bla! #1 on Google for 7 days Bla! Bla! no cheating Bla! Bla! I submitted with 5 keywords on my Members page and I geo targeted them. Once done, I got an email for the login and password. How will they make money? They believed that you will be so happy that you will bid to remain #1 on Google. They also sell advertisement on their site too. Affiliate side You can refer new clients/affiliates in many ways and earn credits for cash or for bidding. Conclusion I lost nothing but a few minutes and a reasons for not doing my boring task I need to do ;) Click if you are curious of this free opportunity
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