Being “Evil” with the Technorati bug thus making more money

I sure by now that many of you noticed the bug with the ranking on Technorati. Every blogger will post about it. But unlike Court, Ades or even the Evil master himself John Chow, I will go a step further. On Technorati right at the time of this post: It's usually around 8100 Gatineau Let's be evil, shall we I will go in a review service. After updating my rank, I got one more star(my normal is 4) . Noticed in the green circle that it is now 1. Gatineau You will see that I could ask $100(red) instead of $80(blue) because of that bug. Conclusion There is a lessons in here. An advertiser that do business with a service that use this rank, may end up paying more today because of that simple bug. Today, it's Technorati but tomorrow is could be Alexa, Google PageRank .... Anyway, most services use more than one ranking and that will lessen the impact of such a bug. Too bad for Technorati that it happens on a weekend. Now, I just need to wait for them to fix it to update it again and get more readers to get there feed from Bloglines too. I don't like to see just 1 star all alone. :( She needs more friends! In the end, I did not change my price. Hey! I'm not that evil. ;) Edit:  I'm back at 7995 now. If you missed it:

Contest: Blog about my new download site and win $100

I'm using the John Chow effect  here. That's not evil, that's wise! It's just a simple cut and paste contest but I did not forget those with not blog.  ;)
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Yeah, I saw John's post first and had concluded that, until I came here and read your post in full. Good thing I did. :)

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Glad you didn't change it. :) At first I thought you did and I was thinking, "That's not evil, that's unethical!"

At least, you have read my post unlike some that concluded otherwise. :)

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