Blog news: Recently, I made some changes to be more reader friendly: I...
  • Added a voting plugin that will help me see if the content is good or lacking.
  • Added back the MyBlogLog that I had completely forgotten.
  • Added a statistics page where you can see the most popular post(can't make it work on the sidebar???)
  • Added my own banners of MIS Info Video at the top. You can use it if you want ;)
  • Removed many banners(Hoyle games) but left the 2 free banners(bottom, sidebar) and the Search Engine Guide(I love dogs and it's cute). Some banners were converted to text link instead and are better for this blog content.
All this should reduce loading time and give you a better experience. You can make suggestions. Contests news: It's the last day for the current contest. I also canceled the contest and competition on  They will both be back in another version that should make it more easy and worthwhile. :D  So, stay tuned and come back often!
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