Buy Bookmarking Demon Now- V4 Out Soon!

I just got an email that Bookmarking Demon will be release soon but at $147. So, if you want to get Bookmarking Demon at the lower price of $97, now is the time to buy it.

I won't get into much details but it's going to have a lot of new features. It will support 20 main social bookmarking sites, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus(new) and Pligg(new) sites.

One feature I had added in AuctionSiteWriter was the possibility to hide your bookmark within others URL when creating the bmd.xml for Bookmarking Demon. Bookmarking Demon has now this feature. I will have to wait to see the results.  But if it works, then it will be a good thing.

They also added a pinging feature for your social site rss feeds. That's good since it will alert other sites that your added new bookmarks. This should help in getting your anchor keywords counted faster by search engines.

It will be portable so it could be installed on a USB key.

They have other features but it will wait when it get out.

Buy Bookmarking Demon now and save money!
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This is great news. I have been using V3 for quite a hile with some success. From what I can see V4 is going to be a great improvement and I look forward to using it to improve my rankings.

Oh its a great stuff, every one should read to become successful SEO Basics. Keep posting


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