Can Blogarama Bring Traffic To Your Blog?

When I started blogging, I submitted my blog to Blogarama. It's a free blog directory. Your blog is manually verified and it takes a few days to be listed. Of course, you should add the tracking code so that people can visit them too. If you don't, your blog won't appear in the front of the others. They have an option to get the Premier Service Listing for $10(one time). For some bloggers, it's a lot of money but you must consider the long time traffic effect. With this fee, you can have multiple blogs and each one will be a featured blog. It has a little heart before the blog name. In my case, I have 4 blogs that gave me a total of around 2000 visitors in the last year based on their stats. I have about 1000 on Google Analytics. Google Analytics doesn't count everything but it's still a benchmark for most of us. So far, I paid about $0.01 per visitor and 3 of this blogs were added later and one was started in June. Yes, Blogarama is a competitor to my own 1 Cool File. We are both blog directories but with very different goals.
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