Can you make money with the MIS specification?

Yes! If you have or working on a software product or a consumer device then it would be simple the buy a license/royalties for the MIS specification and offer something extra to clients. In fact, many of my users would like to have their favorite application or device support it. The "Spread the MIS specification word" campaign is one way to achieve awareness by making it known to others. You are a programmer with no software?
  • Participate in the current competition and get a chance to win a prize.
  • Create a converter that would read a .MIS, convert it to html,  bbcode(for forum)  or Wordpress and sell it for a few dollars.
  • Create a converter that would take text based subtext(SRT, TXT...) and convert it in the .MIS.
But what if you don't have any product? If you have a site or blog, you could offer some content based .MIS files(no media file). For example:
  • Create a .MIS for every comic books for a superhero and selling the entire collection for a few dollars. You could add facts, trivia, villains, guest heroes .... The kind of information that may take weeks to research
  • Create a .MIS for a DVD with a scanned photo of the case in higher resolution. You could sell it for a few cents.
  • Take a digital photos and sell them with a .MIS with some background about the location, weather conditions, taken by whom, historical facts .....
Those are only a few suggestions. You can offer readers an affordable alternative that would cost less than doing it by them self. Just be careful about copyrights. People want to organize their content and the MIS specification is the solution! P.S. If you have other ideals, act on it and get a MIS license. Once you have one and your site is ready, I will make an announcement on the M.I.S. site thus creating additional traffic for you. If you have any questions, just ask and I will help you.
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