Can you make more money with Adsense? Week 3 results

My weekly update concerning the average per click for the month of June since I made the change. I did not have many clicks on the blog itself :( but people downloaded MIS Info Video(freeware) and clicked on ads(a few times in support). :D Overall for June: $0.46 Week 1-7: $0.63 Week 8:-14 $0.44 Week 15:-21 $0.35 I did got $0.01 with no clicks a more times lowering the average for week 3. Also, the site was redirected a few days to
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AdSense CPC over the past few two weeks has been terrible. My earnings too have taken a sharp dip. I received more than a few $0.05 clicks with the odd $0.02 thrown in for good measure!

Try what I did.


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