Can you make more money with Adsense? Week 4 final results

My weekly update concerning the average per click for the month of June since I made the change. I did not have many clicks on the blog itself :( but people downloaded MIS Info Video(freeware) and clicked on ads(a few times in support). :D Overall for June: $0.51 Week 1-7: $0.63 Week 8:-14 $0.44 Week 15:-21 $0.35 Week 22:-21 $0.65 I did got $0.01 with clicks/no clicks a few times lowering the average for week 4. It was the same for previous weeks too. Average of previous months:  March($0.10) April($0.28) May($0.19) (More and more $0.01) June ($0.51)  Including yesterday Conclusion By using Competitive Ad Filter, I got a  268% increase versus May(this is across all my sites). I put a bigger number for a dramatic effect but it's not even close to pay for my latest contest.  Yes, it's all from my pocket for now. Now, I just need more people to come visit my sites, see what you can do with bunch of movies , podcast or pictures with a .MIS and earn a living from the freeware/MIS specification.  ;)  Adsense should not be your only source of income but it's the easiest one for most bloggers to get started. Of course, you could make money with affiliates, paid blogging, MIS specification... Note: You can download MIS Info Video in the example for a bunch of movies
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