Can you make more money with Adsense? Yes

Last week, I decided to try an Adsense tip from John Chow free ebook. I often got clicks worth $0.01 to $0.03 in May like it was written in the chapter. Using the tip, my average per click is starting to improve($0.74/click). Here is my average per click in the last few months: March($0.10) April($0.28) May($0.19) (More and more $0.01) June ($0.74) (1 week only and not that many clicks versus the other months for the same time period) Note: The number of clicks increased each month Show me the money! What did I do? I started using Competitive Ad Filter. So, I went to adsblacklist to create my list(350+) for my site. The only drawback of the ad filter is the maximum of 200 sites. In my case, they are 150+ sites not filtered. So far, it seem to work but I did got a $0.01 yesterday. My $0.01 might be a site that was not in my filter. Conclusion I did not want to wait a month before showing my result in case it was working or look like it was working. My opinion so far: it's worth a try even if I make a few cents more than my average of April. Of course, having more clicks will help me see if that trends continues. ;) P.S. By clicking on targeted ads, people help pay for freeware like MIS Info Video(Front end/Player).
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