This post will be different but it is my blog after all. ;) I delayed publishing it but decided to anyway. Calendars This was not a good last week for Canada Post. First, they gave 60000 calendars to it's employees but forgot to mentioned the French-Canadian national holiday(15000 are from Quebec). Every other holidays were in it including the best one: St-Patrick's Day. :D Granted, that's a real goof and because of pressure, Bloc Quebecois, they will reissue 60000 new calendars. Why not just send a sticker that an employee could stick on it's own on June 24th? No, Canada Post is force to waist spend money again. Btw, I'm not against the calendar. Just don't goof again next year Canada Post ! What will be the cost of the calendars? 60000 x $1 or $2 or $5(big calendars)? Stamps The second "goof" is not what I would qualify a goof. Canada Post will issue special stamps with 4 known singers(Paul Anka, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell). They are all English singers and none are from Quebec. Poor little Quebec, you don't have a stamp. Snif! Snif! What about the other provinces? They were left out too! Do they whine? The Bloc Quebecois is whining again on both counts and Canada Post will redo the calendars(2008) and do stamps(2009) . To make it equitable for all provinces, Canada Post should issue 4 stamps per provinces and territories in 2009. Calendar = Yes, it's a real goofs Stamps = Whining for nothing And before some of you think it's an anti-Quebec post. Think again, I'm from Quebec City! I'm bilingual and do errors in both National languages. ;) I also went to French schools all my life. For my foreign readers, Quebec is the only French province in Canada and America's. French is spoken less in the rest of Canada. And to finish on a brighter note, Quebec City is celebrating it's 400 anniversary. It's a year-long party in any languages. So come and visit us. :D What do you think? Please keep it clean/civil.
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