Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, declared election for October 14. By declaring an election, they override their own law voted last year about having fix date election( late 2009). Would the government had lasted until then? Anyway, Harper want a majority this time around.

With the US election going on, it will be a very political season. We just need a Mexican election to make it a North American election all around. :D

Some background on the Canadian parties

Conservative: Stephen Harper, right. They lasted 2.5 years with a minority government while wanting to be more viewed as centered now.
Liberal: Stephane Dion, Center-Left. The liberal must still deal with an unpopular leader and a past scandal.
NDP: Jack Layton, Left. They want to be seen as a party of change(Obama Barrack) by creating a more social equality but at what cost?
Bloc Quebecois: Gilles Duceppes, Province of Quebec only party.  It's not a real party in the sense that it's not national like the others. They do have many seats and that's democracy.

The Quebec City region is very important for all of them so I expect they will visit us often during this short campaign.

Canada vs US democracy

It's funny that while I was writing the above, I see Canada has more democratic, party wise, than the US which is a so called bastion of democracy but only have 2 major parties(right, left). What would happen if a third major party(center) would be started for the 2012 election? Would it be able to get votes by Republicans or Democrats tired of their parties? I know, it's simplistic but it's something to think about.

Unless you are a card carrier party member for life, I'm guessing that most people try to vote for the least party to make you harm. If it's the case,  it's not good for democracy.

Election and fund raising

When you think of all the money being spend on this(both borders), it looks like wasted money. US primaries are even worst.

In the Province of Quebec, no companies are allowed to give money to parties. It's only done by individuals and to a limit. This way, no candidate can be in the pocket of any interest groups. It's also an election on a budget. It's the eqivalent of SEO(search engine optimization) but for election, it's EOB: Election Optimize on a Budget ;)

New money for bloggers?

Having a domain with your name(like me) allow you a certain latitude in the subject you blog about. Since the season is limited(at least in Canada), you will have political ads on your blog/post during that time. I wonder if they pay more during that time period?


For the US, it will be either the first woman or the first black man to be elected.

Btw, Canada had it's first women Prime Minister with Kim Campbell(1993). However, she was not elected but replaced Brian Mulroney who retired from politics a few month's before upcoming elections.

The important thing is that everyone go vote. If you don't vote, you can't whine about decision made by the government(majority or minority).:D
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