CB Traffic Warrior Review And My Alternatives

My CB Traffic Warrior(aff.) review is going to be very short. After knowing that this is an article submitter but cheap, I decided to offer a better alternative but with more potential on the long run. Btw, I hate hype salespage and so I did not bought it. Yet, the principles are sound.

You see, in SEO(Search Engine Optimization), you must have the most diversity of links. So, articles are one of those methods and  CB Traffic Warrior fall into that category from what I know now.

If you don't have the money, then it's a good deal until you have it for more and better tools. Heck, I bought a few tools in the past years so yes, I invested in my business.

The Alternative

The better alternative to CB Traffic Warrior on the long run is this: The Best Spinner(aff.) and ArticleDemon(aff.). That's what I suggest.

The Best Spinner(yearly cost) was updated this week to be able to convert batch file. Can you say PLR dream land? I hate writing so it a plus for me. You can still test The Best Spinner for 7 days first.

ArticleDemon(one time) is next on my purchasing list. Being a fan of BMD(aff.), I expect AD will perform like is brother in link building since it herited some features from BMD. At this time for articles, I'm using another software but it does not have automatic captcha support that ArticleDemon and BMD have.

The reason I don't do articles at this time, thus have time for ArticleDemon, is that I just bought Auto Website Submitter(aff., yearly cost) to replace my current directory submitter. I have many sites to submit to more directories than before since I like to have a lot of links for each sites.

Btw, Auto Website Submitter has support for captcha services that BMD and ArticleDemon are using. So, I can buy captcha credits from one place and have my 3 softwares use those. That's great for me.

My Basic SEO link building

If you want to/can invest in your IM business now rather that later, here are the 4 basic software your should get. That's if you have the money, of course.

Since I wanted to go cheap at first like most people, it ended costing me more. So learn from me and think about if IM(Internet Marketing) is a business or an hobby for you.


I gave you an alternative to link building that yes, cost more than CB Traffic Warrior but will give you more return on the long run and diversity of links.

Speaking of diversity, I use LinxBoss(aff.) to add to my diversity of links and other services that I'm testing currently. I also use with success  RMT(aff.) to get non-SEO traffic to my money sites.

Update Dec. 4 , 2010: I bought ArticleDemon and adding new directories before starting the submission of my articles. Like BMD, the more sites I can submit to, the more backlinks I will get and stick.
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Thanks a lot for this great article.

I gave you an alternative to link building that yes ;)


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