The Dark Knight is one of the biggest money making movie of 2008. Personally, I compared it to Superman 3: okay but too long and with too many villains. Anyway, some are now predicting that The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) will ship 1 million copies at launched thus smash the record.

This is a good news for Blu-Ray fans for 3 reasons:

1. The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) will help "sale" the format to others. I'm sure the quality of the transfer will be excellent since they can afford it. Many fans will use the holiday season to show The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) to friends and family.

2. If you consider the current economic crisis, sellers will tend to lower their prices. This means cheap The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) for everyone. Those that don't will be left with their stocks.

3. With so many copies on the market, consumers will have a lot of places online to buy it thus even more competition and more cheap The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) available.

The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) will be available on December 9.

Just select your country for Blu-Ray and DVD(did not forgot you ;) ).


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