I was watching a French-Canadian channel with my dad when we saw the Tweeze TV ad. Instead of using French speaking Quebec actors, they only dub in French the audio of the English TV ad. For Tweeze,  it's a cheap way to gain access to the Quebec market. Up to this point, I understand the reasoning to cut cost and be able to offer a cheap Tweeze hair remover across Canada too.

If some of you don't know, I'm from Quebec City(French speaking city) and English is not my first language. I do make mistakes in both Canadian official languages. ;) Since I have a PVR, I can skip most ads on recorded movies or shows but this time around, it was live. So, I never took the time to watch it. That's when my father pointed to the funny translation they had done on the Tweeze French ad.

You see, they used the French word "Tondeuse" which mean for Quebecer's "Lawnmower". I don't think the ladies would used a lawnmower to remove their facial hairs. It would be painful but at least, permanent. ;)

Tweeze should had used a better word like "Rasoir" instead.

I'm sure that Spanish translation of American ad's got some funny translation too.

You find cheap Tweeze hair remover(US/Canada) below:

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But what is Tweeze if you don't know?

It's a breakthrough in hair removing. The Tweeze hair remover system has amazing features:

  • Pinpoint precision in any direction

  • Easily removes even the shortest, finest hair

  • Leaves skin soft & stubble free

  • Ideal for all skin types

  • No cuts or nicks

  • Use on lip, chin, knees, cheeks, toes, bikini, underarms

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