I was watching a computer show yesterday when they talked about the game InFamous for the PS3.  I got a kick when they mentioned that Cole McGrath is InFamous. I must credit Sucker Punch Productions for choosing a great name for their main hero.

The inFAMOUS U.S. Launch is set for May 26th and Europe on May 29th.

inFAMOUS Overview

A massive explosion rips through six square blocks of Empire City, annihilating everything and everyone in it path.  Everyone, that is, except for a lone man(Cole McGrath) who not only survived the blast, but has been transformed by it.  From the creators of the award-winning Sly Cooper® series, Sucker Punch Productions brings you inFAMOUS, the first open-world action-adventure title exclusively for the Playstation® 3 system.

I only hope people don't start asking me if I know Cole McGrath. ;)

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