Contest 2: Spread the MIS specification word and win $200CAD

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I like contest and I'm sure that Icewolf too(previous winner). So, to make it even different this time, I decided to do another contest but for blogs only. You will see that the theme is 200.

Contest rules:
To enter the contest for a chance to win up to $200CAD plus 5 secondary prizes($10CAD/each), you:

- Must have a blog. Start one today (starting at $3.99USD/month) and make it the first post and get your own personal email at the same time!

- Have or create a Paypal account. I suggest the Premier Account for later uses like donations on your blog ... ;)

- Create a post on your blog with the links below with a small text(20,100 or 200 words excluding the What is the MIS specification and links) on why you want the MIS specification in your electronics devices or software applications and what step you took or will take to make it possible(i.e. email manufacturers, created a video with a .MIS, include a .MIS in your podcast, ask authors to support it...). You may offer specifics(products) or examples(files) if you want.

Note: The real "work" is to write your original text because the rest is just a cut and paste.


1 grand prize winner will be rewarded like this for the original portion of the post:
$ 75CAD = Cut and paste with no original text to write
$100CAD = 20-99 words
$125CAD = 100-124 words
$150CAD = 125-149 words
$175CAD = 150-199 words
$200CAD = 200+ words

5 secondary prizes of $10CAD/each

3 instant winner of $10CAD/each by being the first 3 to participate. They are eligible to the grand prize only to make more winners.

Total in prizes: up to $280CAD

Text file for the cut and paste(html code). By clicking on any link, it will open a new window thus readers will still be on your site.


------- Start of cut -----

I would like my next electronic device to support the MIS specification. Plus, it cost almost nothing to add but a few hours.
What is the MIS Specification?

In short: A small text file that has tags(200+) for the plot, credit, goofs and even age(parental control). The same text file can be used for a video, audio or image. See the links below for more information or examples.


Contest 2: Spread the MIS specification word and you could win $200CAD

Competition: Get up to $700CND for a media center or player that can import/read a .MIS:

MIS Specification:

Info2MIS (free, Create .MIS):

MIS Info Video (free, Front End/Player):

Example for movies with MIS Info Video:

Example for TV series with MIS Info Video:

------- End of cut -----

- You can use screens of MIS Info Video or Info2MIS but they must be saved on your blog

- Make the post stand out(place it on the sidebar, top...)

- The contest start May 25, 2007

- Because it's a spread the word contest, I need at least 200 entries(blogs) by Friday(June 1, 2007). I may have 5 or 175 but if I don't have the 200, I will extend the contest until I have them. So, spread the MIS specification word!

- I’ll make a draw from all the entries(backlink to this post) and that blog will win the $200CAD.

- You only need to comment(backlink) once to enter. You can comment more than once but it will still get you only one entry.

- Your readers must be able to click on all the links- If I see a problem with the post on your blog, I must be able to contact you. Your email must be on your blog(see my previous post) or I will take someone else. You don't want that! In any case, I must be able to contact you if you want to be paid via PayPal. :D

- I encourage others to visit the other blogs. You may like what they did besides this contest.

- I make the rules but don't hesitate if you have questions. Comeback often to see clarifications if any.

Spread the MIS specicifaction word contest

It's only 12KB. Save it on your site if want to use it.


  • Create awareness by spreading the MIS specification word

  • Promote the current competition(freeware/open source)

  • Publicize other blogs(backlink)

  • See how fast it spread via blogs

  • Fun!

Good luck to all bloggers!

Edit 1: I lessen the requirement for the post and did a price structure instead rewarding the efforts of the winner. The more you write, the better the prize!

Edit 2: The first 3 to enter and validated will get $10CAD(i.e. no draw). With just 20 words minimum, it's so easy. Plus, I will link to them plus the big winner, of course.

Edit 3: Will draw 5 secondary prizes(must be validated) and each will get $10CAD.

Edit 4: I took an ideal from Kumiko's contest and changed the cut and paste text. The minimal big prize is now $75CAD and you don't need to create an original text. But the more words you write, will also mean more money(up to $200CAD)!

Edit 5: Removed the restriction about blogs being at least 2 months old. Start one today!
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