Contest: $500CAD or $500USD and only 8 entries?

Both currency are almost the same now. One Canadian Dollar get me $0.9991 USD . It's been so many years that this happen but the good news is that my $500USD contest will cost me a lot less now than when I started a 3 weeks ago. :D For those that did not participate yet, I only have 8 official entries so far. So your chances are very good at the moment. Plus, my new affiliate program for those that buy a Blog Package( and get more chances) will be worth it even if you don't win the main prize. I also have many other prizes. So, what are you waiting for to enter? You may leave a comment here if you have questions. P.S. It's not a joke, I will draw $500 to promote 1 Cool File. But read the simple rules because I will be fair to the others that did read them.
Keywords: 1 Cool File, Contest


[...] the good news in this case is that it is legitimate and as you can see there are only eight entrants. So hop to it. If you have any additional tips, stories, or comments about running blog comments [...]


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