Contest: Blog About The Blog Directory On 1 Cool File And Win $500 or 1 of 15 Blog Buffet

The $ 500 winner of Blog About the Blog Directory on 1 Cool File is ….

I had a choice between paying for reviews or doing a contest for 1 Cool File . I decided to do my biggest contest yet! It's $500USD and I'm my own sponsored unlike some other contest. ;) With this contest, I still made it easy with a "cut and paste" predefined text. You know that I like those the most. But, you can go further to improve your odds of winning. Some are free and some are in direct relation with the goal of the contest. It's not in Canadians dollars this time around ;) and it could cost me more(exchange rate) or less if successful You can have more tickets: Free:
  • 1 Ticket: Blog about the contest(predefined text) and link to this post. Yes, it's 1 ticket per real blog. See below
  • 2 Tickets: Blog about the contest but make your own text with the links, bold of the predefined text. Link to this post. Yes, it's 2 tickets per real blog and original text. Don't copy it from blog to blog.
  • 3 tickets: Put a text link at the top or sidebar with the anchor Win $500 on 1 Cool File and link to this post
  • 5 tickets: Install the contest banner at the top only(like here) of your blog and link to this post. It must be the first thing that people see. The sidebar don't count and that's why it's more tickets ;). See below
Must pay: If you buy any blog packages, you will received tickets based on the price:
  • 20 tickets: $2.50
  • 30 tickets: $3.50
  • 50 tickets: $5.00
  • 80 tickets: $7.00
  • 130 tickets: $10.00
  • 160 tickets: $11.50
You must create an account and add your blog. I will not do that for you. It's better anyway for you because you know your blog. Look at McGrath Dot Ca. If you don't have a blog yet, you can add it later. You paid for that right. Also, when adding your blog, don't forget to add your Price for Reviews and the Buy Now URL. Again, look at McGrath Dot Ca. This is Phase 2 to add serious bloggers to the Blog Directory. Hint: This Blog Directory won't be just like your standard Blog Directory. Phase 3 will add features that will make you money from reviews. Surprise prize: 50% of the September Firefox income from 1 Cool File will go to a second winner. Again, it's a random draw. I'm starting the site so it may not be much. You must install Firefox on a computer that never had it before! If it's less than $11.50 then I will give a Blog Buffet instead. That's not all! I will give 5 "Blog Buffet" upgrades (total value of $57.50USD) to the top 5 referrer from those who purchase any blog packages during the contest. If a winner is already on that package("Blog Buffet"), I will refund it completely otherwise, the winner will be upgraded to it. I will also randomly draw 10 "Blog Buffet" upgrades (total value of $115USD) from those who purchase any blog packages during the contest. If a winner is already on that package("Blog Buffet"), I will refund it completely otherwise, the winner will be upgraded to it. Predefined text for your blog You must copy the text below with all the links, bold characters.... In the last contest, someone copied it with no links. Plus, I was not able to contact them. Don't forget to link to this post.
Steve has added a paid Blog Directory in 1 Cool File but he wants people to know about it. So, he's doing a contest where you could win $500USD or 1 of the 15 Blog Buffet(valued at $11,50USD/each). But he also want people who are really serious about their blog to add it there. The packages start from $2.50USD/year/reciprocal link up to $11.50USD for the Blog Buffet(one time fee, unlimited blogs, no reciprocal link) . By asking a small fee, your blog will be in a better position and not part of dead blogs. You can also find theme(s) and plugin(s) or add those you have created. You can also find 1 Cool File that has nothing to do with your blog. And you must read the rules to get more chances to win."
Banner for your blog Save the image on your blog and link to this post. $500 Contest Banner This time, I have a few simple rules:
  • The post must be about this contest and nothing else.
  • You can win one prize only. I want to make 16 winners.
  • The winners must make a new post only about winning. It does make it more official that way. I will do another post with all the winners and will link to their blogs. I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed to know the winners.
  • I may not warn people this time so check everything first but don't worry, I won't change to a new domain ;)
  • You must contact me here( contact form) with the all the ways you used and full url of your post or blog. Use Contest in the subject. You don't need to if you only bought a package. No contact, No tickets, No prize
  • The blog must be created before September 15, 2007. I want real blogs so blogs created between September 1 and the September 15 must contain 5 real post not copied from somewhere else. The blog must be hosted on their own domain if it was created between September 1 and the September 15! You will thank me later for that :D This rule is only for those that did not bought a package.
End of contest: September 30, 2007 Payment: I will pay via PayPal or AlertPay Good luck to all! If you have any questions/suggestions or see an error, just leave a comment. Thank you! This contest is on: Contest Blogger Blog Contest The Prize Blog Edit 1: Please, you must contact me via the contact form on above or the entry won't be compiled. This way this page will load faster for the others because it will have less comments. Thank you for understanding. Edit 2: I multiplied by 10 those who buy a package. This will make it a plus value versus someone who put the banner at the top or blog about it. Edit 3: I added the number of official entries. Also, it's my business and will pay the prize. I added this in case people think I will do an "Ashwin". It's not my first contest and the last one was for $125. So, I do pay the winners and this time, it's much bigger. Edit 4: It's not a raffle. Bloggers can enter for free but you have more chances when buying a Blog Package. You can do both. The value of the package will extend way after the end of the contest. Edit 5: I specified the rule for those with a package with no blogs versus those who just created their blog but did not buy a package.
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