Definition Of A True Friend

I received this as an email from a true friend and decided to share it on my blog. The original text was in French so I just made a translation since it's universal. I don't know the true origin of the email.

A simple friend, when it goes to your house, act like an invitee.
A true friend open the fridge and serve himself/herself.

A simple friend never saw you cry.
A true friend has his/her shoulders wet with your tears.

A simple friend does not know the names of your parents.
A true friend has the telephone numbers in his/her address book.

A simple friend bring a bottle of wine at your parties.
A true friend arrive earlier to help you cook and stay late to help you cleanup.

A simple friend hates it when you call after your have gone to sleep.
A true friend ask you why you waited too much before calling.

A simple friend think that the friendship is over when you have a dispute
A true friend call you after the dispute

A simple friend think that you will be there for him/her
A true friend will be always there for you

A simple friend read this message et delete it
A true friend will pass it along to others and send it back to you

Of course virtual friend can't do physical stuff but can be there in some ways when you need them or need you. ;)

I think that this is a good definition of a true friend.

On this:
Happy Holidays and Happy 2011
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"A simple friend, when it goes to your house, act like an invitee." Great ;)


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