Digital Playground Does Blu-Ray

One of the biggest producer of adult movies in HD-DVD, Digital Playground, will distribute it's first movie in Blu-Ray. "Pirates" is available in 720P on HD-DVD($49.95) but will be in 1080P on Blu-Ray($54.95). The price is higher(new production line) but the HD-DVD version was made much earlier. It's only $5 more but with a video of higher quality.

Pirates on Blu-Ray

My opinion has not changed and Blu-Ray will win because of the content despite it's slightly higher price on hardware. Warner may still tip the balance. In the case of the adult movie industry, it will not have the same impact like in the days of the Beta vs VHS format war.

Still, it's significant that the studio decided to go dual format. The sales of HD-DVD may be much lower than expected for the studio thus willing to expand it's market. Also, looking at different polls about the average age of Playstation 3 owners, all of them show that adults(18+) are in the majority. With the new $400 model that also made people aware that it can play movies too, their target audience is in millions and growing. Plus, Blu-Ray media sales beat HD-DVD. It's a good news for the Blu-Ray camp.

Of course, a digital file or streaming will be the future for the whole industry(adult and regular). But if you think it's complicated with 2 physical HD formats like now, imagine when you will have many more players(codec, hardware, DRM)... That's whole new can of worms!

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