DivX and Sony announced today that they will add the DivX codec to the Playstation 3. This goes with a rumor that the Xbox 360 will do the same. Owners will have to wait for a future firmware upgrade. Cinematic in games will now be available in DivX. The codec does support 1080P since version 6.?.
PS3 game title developers will be able to utilize DivX's decoder technology by updating the system software of PS3's Software Development Kit to version 2.00, which was released by SCE on November 2nd.
This is good news for turning the Playstation 3 into a more full feature media center. I don't think other standalone HD player(either format) can play DivX. Note: I often record TV movies with my capture card. So instead of creating a DVD, I will convert them to DivX so that I can save hard drive space. If you want to see an example of DivX($19.99) and MIS Info Video(with a .MIS), click here.
Keywords: High definition, Media Center, Playstation 3, Xbox 360