Today, I received a lot of eBay CashFlow System Spamming. I would say 20+ email. The weird part is that no link to a site was given. In every case, you have to use the email address in the email to get the information since it's not the same as the sender.

I'm not against the program itself since it could be good or average. But I'm against the way I was spammed in single day. I'm sure the program owner don't like it either. Then again, the only way for promoting it is by email only. ;)

After some digging, I found it. The real name is eBay Cash Flow System. All the emails had eBay CashFlow System.

I add found an alternative to the above since they did not spammed me and found the banner funny. Since it's no longer available, I found another one but not funny like the first altenative.

Products like this are packaging a lot of information/system so that you don't have to search if you decide to sell stuff on auction sites. This one is for US resident only so I'm out of luck on that one.
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