In celebration of the upcoming Father's day, I put banners for games(casino, board, card) that might interest them or even you. I should had taught of it for Mother's day. Anyway, it's another way to diversify the streams of income. I will add others that you may like, including me, but I will never clog the post itself. I want my readers to see the post first and the offers after. I also put a badge for the Blogger's Choice Awards. I took Corporate but they needed one more category(Geek). I was aiming for the big Corporate boys and show them that a smaller one could also win. That would be funny. :D So, if you find this blog useful and have time, please go vote. Plus, you can nominate other blogs. I also changed the "contest 2" in case you missed it. The first 3 entries will get $10CAD. I like to make surprise bonus like that. Do you have an opinion on any of those?
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