Yes, even if I'm tech savvy and was not keen on getting a cell phone. It's the whole contract thing that bothered me the most. So, last week, I started to look around and last Sunday I got my first cell phone ever.

Now, I wanted some flexibility like being able to upgrade/downgrade my package, no contracts, and a few features like voice mail, call display. I'm now with Koodoo.

The reason I wanted the option of downgrading was I did not know how I would use it. For this reason, I took an higher package. If I talk less than expected during day time, I will just downgrade. I know, it's for my business but I'm starting to get more calls.  I will write in a later post about this side.

The cell phone?

I chose the Samsung m540 has my first cell phone. I could had used a cheaper one but I wanted to be able to text using a keyboard.  The other was costing around the same with a promotion but I did not take it.

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Once I picked my phone plan, Koodo will take 10% of it each month and put it in my TAB. It's like Koodo dollars to pay off the cell phone.  If I decide to quit them, I just have to pay the reminder of the value of the phone since the TAB will help paying it off.  Otherwise, I would have to pay upfront the full value which I did not want to do.

Btw, if you want to get a 25 TAB credits, just contact me and I will email you a referral code. I will get 25 TAB too just for referring you if you get Koodo using that code. Plus, that will increase your own TAB. It's a win-win for both of us. :D


It was on Sunday and the salesperson had trouble registering me on the web based database.  It worked okay for the lady before me. Plus, the final 4 numbers I picked were not available each time even if it was an option.

So, after returning home, I called Koodo and ask to change my number. Normally, they charge you but since it was their error, they waved that fee.

Unfortunately, I add trouble  following the instructions of the support person because my phone would go in "lock mode" every time for some reasons.  That was not going well but we finally got it to work. If you just want a cell phone to call someone, take the cheaper phone with no bells and whistles.  ;)


It took me awhile but I finally joined the 21th century. Now, I need to take more time to read more how this thing works. :D

P.S. Recharging my m540 took me about 2h-2h30 the first time. I was using it(safe mode) but I now have to live with that too.


25 Tab

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